Digital Admission by Digte


Have greater mobility, reduce bureaucracy and ensure a safer admission journey through Digital Admission by Digte!

Digital Admission by Digte simplifies your onboarding process. With it, your new employees scan and send documents by cell phone and also receive the employment contract for electronic signature. Furthermore, the native integration with TOTVS RH solutions takes all the information collected from the new employee directly to the payroll system. Everything to streamline processes, eliminate bureaucracy and guarantee security in the admission journey.

Solution benefits and differentials:  

  • Integrates with TOTVS RH (Protheus/RM/Datasul)

  • Digital sending of documents by cell phone

  • Document validation with artificial intelligence

  • Automates creation of document kits

  • Electronic signature of document kits

  • Digitally organizes medical records

  • Allows customization of steps

  • Validates CPF and PIS with federal and eSocial revenue