Technical details of the solution

The solution has the following technical characteristics.


It uses the infrastructure of the TOTVS Fluig platform is compatible with the same portability matrix as TOTVS Fluig Platform


No need for infrastructure increase


It uses TOTVS Fluig Platform infrastructure without the need to install additional components, consisting of pages, widgets, forms and dataset


It is prepared for execution in TOTVS Fluig Platform version 1.6.5-190702 (07/02/2019) or higher


Start Processes and Query Processes


Layout for Public Page - Public Form by Digte


  • ds_dpf_addAnnex

  • ds_dpf_addMessage

  • ds_dpf_settings

  • ds_dpf_converter_string_to_base64

  • ds_dpf_copyDocumentToUploadAreaSoap

  • ds_dpf_getActualThreadSoap

  • ds_dpf_getAllActiveStatesSoap

  • ds_dpf_getForm

  • ds_dpf_getHistoricoProcesso

  • ds_dpf_getInstanceCardDataSoap

  • ds_dpf_getListaStatusProcAtiv

  • ds_dpf_getListaStatusProcess

  • ds_dpf_iniciaSolicitacao

  • ds_dpf_listaCamposConfiguracao

  • ds_dpf_listaCamposDataset

  • ds_dpf_listaCamposVisualização

  • ds_dpf_ListOfProcesses

  • ds_dpf_listaPublicFormSolicitacoes

  • ds_dpf_saveAndSendTaskSoap

  • ds_dpf_setTasksCommentsSoap

  • ds_dpf_startProcessSoap

  • ds_dpf_validateCredentials


- Enter Public Form - Settings

- Enter Public Form - Status

installation procedures

Once the Public Form by Digte has been purchased, the customer will be able to install the component from within their own TOTVS Fluig Platform

The installation procedures are:

1) Access the TOTVS Fluig Platform environment where the component will be installed. Installation is by TOTVS Fluig Plataforma, so it needs to be installed in each environment, for example: install in production and approval

2) Access the Control Panel page in the TOTVS Fluig Plataforma menu and search for "Items" in TOTVS Fluig Store

3) In TOTVS Fluig Store items there is an option "Components Store where the products available in the Store will be listed. Products that have already been contracted will have the "Install" button enabled and in green. The verification if contracted is directly in the License client server

Itens Store.jpg

4) If the product is available for installation, click the "Install" button. At this point, the application will automatically download to your TOTVS Fluig Platform. Once the download is complete, new buttons will appear in the TOTVS Fluig Plataforma menu

5) Access the menu option of "DIGTE PUBLIC FORM - INSTALLATION" , where the wizard of the product installation process will be started. The wizard will run the steps automatically, and you will be asked initially: ECM folder number that will store the installation items

6) At the end of the installation, all the necessary components to start the configuration will be available

A special folder called  Enter Temp Uploa , to be used as a temporary folder for the file upload process


Reinstallation Procedures or Installation Problems

If there is any problem during the installation, we suggest you to reinstall it. An example of a problem:  on some clients, in the process of installing the forms, the process may be affected by network performance problems. In this case we suggest redoing the installation

To reinstall, simply delete the ECM Digte Public Form folder or use the "Reinstall" button on the Installation page. Once this is done, just run the installation wizard again

Watch out! The reinstallation will eliminate all the data imported and registered in the solution.


Update procedure

Depending on the evolution of TOTVS Fluig Plataforma, Public Form by Digte may need updates

This occurs in the following sequence:

1) TOTVS Fluig Store items panel, which can be found in the TOTVS Fluig Platform control panel

2) Refresh button on the Digte Public Form - Installation page. This second step is to update the product's internal structures.