Technical details

The solution has the following technical characteristics:

It uses the infrastructure of TOTVS Fluig Platform and is compatible with the same portability matrix as the TOTVS Fluig platform.

No need for infrastructure increase.

It uses TOTVS Fluig Plataforma infrastructure without the need to install additional components, consisting of pages, widgets, forms and datasets.

Be prepared to run TOTVS Fluig Plataforma in the version
  1.6.2 or higher, and with the Classic theme applied. To change the theme from Snowflake to Classic, go to the TOTVS Fluig platform control panel: Customization > Theme.

Firewall release:

To use texts with Google Fonts, TOTVS Fluig Plataforma must have access to the following address: " " , therefore, the responsible infrastructure team must check if the Firewall has the rules configured release options.

List of files created at installation:

Folder & Forms Structure:

To access folders and forms follow this path: Documents > Portal management > Digte Intranet

1) Communities

  • institutional

    • Articles

    • Documents

    • forms

    • Images

    • videos

2) Settings

  • Menu Customizations

  • ​ Page Themes

  • Widget Themes

  • Layout Themes

3) Content

  • Schedules

  • alerts

  • Bonuses

  • menus

  • Customers

  • Featured Communities

  • Initial User Settings

  • Resumes

  • Additional Data from  User

  • Rotating Highlights

  • compliments

  • polls

  • Company Structures

  • Event management

  • Indicators

  • button menu

  • Links Menu

  • Mini Menu

  • News

  • Offers

  • Partnerships

  • redirects

  • Marketing Templates

  • Access Tutorial

  • Corporate TV

  • Units

  • vacancies


- Themes for "Manufacture 001", "Retail 001", "Services 001".


- Widgets vary according to the package purchased by the customer.  



  • Intranet by Digte - Detailed

  • Intranet by Digte - 2 - Columns (9-3)

  • Intranet by Digte - 3 columns

  • Intranet by Digte - Fifty-fifty

  • Intranet by Digte - Multiple Slots

  • Intranet by Digte - 2 columns (8-4)

  • Intranet by Digte - Basic

  • Intranet by Digte - Empty

  • Intranet by Digte - Communicative

  • Intranet by Digte - 4 columns

  • Intranet by Digte - Wide

  • Intranet by Digte - Public

  • Intranet by Digte - Slots with different sizes

  • Intranet by Digte - Collaborative Layout



- fdwt_bolao_pf_jogos, fdwt_bolao_ranking_campeonato, fdwt_bolao_ranking_jogo, fdwt_consulta_base_fluig, fdwt_bolao_campeonatos_padrao

Observation:  Only users with admin role or users with permission can access and edit the installation page. The widgets contained on the page cannot be removed, otherwise the use of the product will be compromised.

Installation procedures


Once Digital Workplace by Digte has been purchased, the customer will be able to install the component from within his own TOTVS Fluig Platform.

The installation procedures are:
1) Access the TOTVS Fluig Platform environment where the component will be installed. Installation is through the TOTVS Fluig platform, so it needs to be installed in each environment, for example: install in production and approval.


2) Access the TOTVS Fluig Platform menu: Control Panel > Applications > Items Store.


3) On the TOTVS Fluig store platform page there will be an option "Store Components" where the products available in the store will be listed. Products that have already been contracted will have the “Install” button enabled and in green. The verification if you are contracted is directly on the client's License Server.

4) If the product is available for installation, click the Install button. At this point, the application will automatically download to your TOTVS Fluig Platform. Once the download is complete, two new buttons will appear in the TOTVS Fluig platform menu.

5) Access the “INSTALLATION” menu option, where the product installation wizard will start.

The wizard will run the steps automatically, and you will be asked initially:

Code of the ECM folder that will store the installation items;


6) At the end of the installation, all the necessary components to start the configuration will be available. The “Configure” button will be displayed to be directed to configuring the Digital Workplace by Digte. The configuration can also be accessed through the TOTVS Fluig Plataforma side menu, option CONFIGURATION. The configuration will be detailed in the Usage Procedures topic.

Cópia de Captura_de_Tela_2017-09-24_às_1

Reinstallation Procedures

If there is any problem  during installation, we suggest reinstallation.  An example of a problem:  on some clients in the form installation process, the process may be affected by network performance problems. In this case we suggest redoing the installation.


To reinstall simply delete the Digte Intranet folder from the ECM or use the Reinstall button on the Installation page. Once this is done, just run the installation wizard again.

Caution!!! The reinstallation will eliminate all the data imported and registered in the solution.


Widgets Data Load

The solution's widgets use the data entered in the forms stored in the TOTVS Fluig Plataforma ECM, in the "Digte Intranet / Content" folder created at the time of installation.


Data loading can be performed via the CSV Importer option.


In addition, it is possible to export existing data in the forms, as long as the form has an associated dataset, through the Form Exporter option. If the form has no record, the Exporter will generate a CSV with the default template for that form.


It is important to pay attention to the file format, as it has to be UTF-8, so that special characters (ex: ç,~,accents,) are loaded correctly.

The suggestion is to load a few records to test if everything is ok, and then load correctly. Test records can be deleted directly in the TOTVS Fluig Plataforma ECM or by the "Clear Records" button, where it will delete ALL records from the selected form.

Suction widgets that can be loaded with data:

  1. Schedules

  2. alerts

  3. Birthdays of the Month

  4. Sweepstakes - Inclusion of Hunches

  5. Bolão - Ranking by Employee

  6. Sweepstakes - Ranking by Match

  7. Unit Events Calendar

  8. Events calendar

  9. Menu

  10. Featured Communities

  11. People and Telephone Consultation

  12. Unit Query

  13. Resume

  14. Praise and Recommendations

  15. Company Structure

  16. Links Menu

  17. News

  18. Offers

  19. Company Partnerships

  20. Ranking and Indicators - Map

  21. Ranking and Indicators

  22. vacancies



  • /api/public/profile/image

  • /api/public/2.0/documents/getDownloadURL

  • /api/public/ecm/document

  • /api/public/ecm/document/createDocument

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/mobileMapping

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/getWidgetPreferences

  • /api/public/ecm/dataset/availableDatasets

  • /api/public/ecm/document/getDocumentByDatasetName

  • /api/public/ecm/document/allDocumentHits

  • /api/public/ecm/dataset/search

  • /api/public/2.0/authorize/client/invoke

  • /api/public/ecm/document/listDocumentWithChildren

  • /api/public/ecm/dataset/datasets

  • /api/public/social/community/listCommunities

  • /api/public/social/community

  • /api/public/social/user

  • /api/public/social/user/logged

  • /api/public/relation/canAccessByLogin

  • /api/public/social/post/create/with/upload

  • /api/public/wcm/group/byuser

  • /api/public/social/community/listMyCommunitiesWithRelevanceByLogin

  • /api/public/2.0/documents/getActive

  • /api/public/social/image

  • /api/public/alert/module/findVoList

  • /api/public/alert/module/create

  • /api/public/alert/module/findVoList

  • /api/public/alert/event/createEvent

  • /api/public/alert/module/findVoList

  • /api/public/alert/event/createEvent

  • /api/public/alert/service/sendNotification

  • /api/public/search/advance

  • /api/public/social/favorite/bytype/v2/COMMUNITY

  • /api/public/2.0/favorites/findFavoritesDocuments

  • /api/public/2.0/favorites/findFavoritesProcess

  • /api/public/social/favorite/bytype/v2/USER

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/findPages

  • /api/public/2.0/cards/create

  • /api/public/2.0/documents/deleteDocument

  • /api/public/2.0/groups/findGroupsByUser

  • /api/public/2.0/groups/listUsersByGroup

  • /api/public/2.0/groups/addUsers

  • /api/public/social/community/request

  • /api/public/social/post/publish

  • /api/public/sociable/upload/stream/form

  • /api/public/sociable/deleteStreamedFile

  • /api/public/sociable/comment/post

  • /api/public/sociable/like

  • /api/public/social/post/notify

  • /api/public/social/post/stopNotify

  • /api/public/sociable/comment/remove

  • /api/public/social/post/remove

  • /api/public/social/post/listSortedPost

  • /api/public/social/post/read/post

  • /api/public/sociable/comments

  • /api/public/2.0/posts

  • /api/public/2.0/posts/findComment

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/mobileMapping

  • /api/public/wcm/theme

  • /api/public/social/community/listPagesWithCommunities

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/findPages

  • /api/public/2.0/tenants/getTenantData/imageHeaderRepeat

  • /api/public/2.0/pages/mobileMapping/wcmuserpreferences

  • /api/public/2.0/documents/getDocumentPermissions

  • /api/public/2.0/cardindexes/delete

  • /api/public/ecm/document/remove

  • /api/public/2.0/permission/find/widget

  • /api/public/2.0/folderdocuments/create

  • /api/public/2.0/folderdocuments/listDocumentByFolder

  • /api/public/2.0/folderdocuments/create

  • /api/public/socialcloud/cloud/create

  • /api/public/socialcloud/list/findCloud

  • /api/public/socialcloud/list/clouds/user

  • /api/public/socialcloud/add/user/group

  • /api/public/socialcloud/defaultgroup

  • /api/public/socialcloud/remove/user/group


web services

  • ECMDatasetService

  • ECMFolderService

  • ECMCardService

  • ECMCardIndexService