New visual identity





Reinventing the way to communicate

Why the change?

We changed the brand logo with the purpose of transmitting fluidity, the same that we use to transform our customers' portals

In addition, this fluidity occurs not only in the implementation of a collaborative platform, but also in communication after the implementation, making people's lives easier.


Our purpose is to revolutionize the digital environment of companies by centralizing everything in one place, and the change in the logo highlights that the platform is customizable and flexible.

About the move

We will continue to use the same vibrant colors as before, but note that there was a relaxation of the edges and spaces that existed in the old logo, reflecting the feeling of connection.

Change in product logo

public form.png

But it is important to emphasize that the quality of our product and our service will continue to improve every day, regardless of the visual change.

Brand manual

Along with the new logo, we created the brand manual, in order to better guide those who wish to use the logo. Read it carefully and make the best use of it!